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Top 10 Photo Editing Sites

1.) Picnik

With Picnik you can grab photos from your Flickr, Photobucket or Facebook account easily. Picnik includes advanced controls and effects in addition to basic options like cropping and re-sizing. A premium version is also available with more features for a little over $2 per month.

2.) Photoshop

Adobe offers a free, online version of Photoshop with scaled down features that include those needed for basic photo editing. You can crop and re-size, apply basic touch ups, work with color, or edit the photo by adjusting the sharpness, focus and more.

3.) Phoenix (from Aviary)

Aviary provides a suite of related tools, including an image editor named Phoenix. Phoenix includes basic and advanced editing tools and features. The interface is easy to use and resembles that of a stripped down version of Photoshop.

4.) FotoFlexer

With FotoFlexer you can get photos directly from your Flickr, Photobucket or Facebook account. It allows you to re-touch photos, create various effects, work with shapes and text, and more, including some advanced features.

5.) Pixlr

Pixlr offers Pixlr express for basic editing like cropping and re-sizing, adjustments, and photo effects. The full version includes a lot more functionality that allows you to create an item from scratch or edit an existing photo. The full version works similar to Photoshop or GIMP with a lot of different tools that can be used.

6.) Splashup

Splashup provides a nice interface and a number of tools and features. You can start from scracth, upload a photo from your computer, enter a URL, or get a photo from Flickr, Facebook and others. Splashup offers a surprising number of options for a free online image editor.

7.) Pixenate

Get started with Pixenate by uploading a photo, entering a URL, or get one from your favorite photo sharing website. It includes basic editing features like cropping and re-sizing, brightness adjustments, and drawing lines on photos.

8.) Picture2Life

With Picture2Life you can perform basic edits, create collages, and share your photos. The editing features are very limited.

9.) Lunapic

Lunapic is a feature-rich online image editor. You can work with existing photos or create new images. There are tons of effects to choose from, and many adjustments that can be made, plus drawing tools, anitmation, and more.

10.) Dr. Pic

Dr. Pic allows you to get started by uploading an image or entering a URL. It includes basic functionality like cropping and re-sizing, brightness and contrast adjustments, sharpen, adding text, and a little more.

Photo Editing Websites

Let’s pretend that you are on a vacation out-of-town. Since you want to share the experience to your family and friends, you took shots with your 18 megapixel camera a SupraUltraMax.

So you searched the foreign country you’re currently at for an internet cafe got your camera’s chip ready and as you are about to surprise everyone home with an email you found out that the photos stored in your camera are in large files.

It’s impossible to send images that are twenty-seven megabytes in size through email. To make matters worse, the computer you rented in the internet cafe doesn’t have any programs that are capable of editing pictures that’s why you don’t have means of resizing or cropping the image. You’re stuck there together with your pictures and you just have to wait till you get home.

You don’t really have to do that.

Now, websites that allow photos to be uploaded and edited online have sprouted all over the internet.

For various tools like Red Eye Removal, OCR recognition, Borders and Sepia conversion, there’s the online editor call Phixr. It is one of the better websites when it comes to these kinds of services.

With Phixr, you can edit the pictures on their website and then transfer it to another instantly. This is because websites such as Costco, LiveJournal and Flickr have made third-party agreements with Phixr.

However, since it does not include storage options, the pictures edited in Phixr are erased three hours from the time editing finished.

You might think at first that it’s a license plate, but PXN8 is actually a website. Pronounced as Pixenate, its Bookmarklet feature allows image loading to finish immediately. With PXN8, it takes only two mouse clicks to have images uploaded and opened.

Reviewers particularly have a lot of things to say about PXN8’s quick and easy workflow. This is because it has a lot of effective facets and elements. For these reasons, you should consider using it if you’re looking for something effective that’s easy to pick up if you’ve never used it before.

Learn & Master Photography

Among photo editors existing online, Pixoh’s interface is considered as one of the best by both amateurs and professionals alike, and there’s a good chance that you’ll love what it brings to the table as well. It’s truly a dynamic solution that’s unmatched by few other products on the market, and a great deal for the price. Despite the basic features it offers, Pixoh can allow large file sizes that editing a ten-megabyte image is no problem.

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